Owner, Yvette Ladd

Since the age of 15 I have been grounded in health awareness. I played a few sports in high school and became fascinated with a person's abilities, mental and physical, to create and achieve. My exploration began via the physical realms of exercise & nutrition and has expanded into holistic awareness that includes consideration of mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Wellness means more than absence of disease. Moving and eating are essential to vitality but lean body mass and health foods do not make a fulfilled person. Without attention to behavior, sense of purpose and meaning, and a framework for explaining life itself we have not fully explored whole health. 

Like wellness my mission is multifaceted and requires balance and an understanding of connection and interdependence. Move & rest, eat real food and enjoy the generations old chocolate-chip cookie recipe that has been handed down from your grandmother, nurture relationships and spend time alone, do meaningful work and recognize the gifts that others bring to your life. And care for the resources of the Earth and Cosmos that sustain us as part of our personal and collective body, mind, & spirit.

I work with clients who are interested in improving the quality of their lives, which means engaging fully in the process of change. I offer Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Life Mentoring from which may grow Integrative Health and Wellness Programs tailored to each individual's needs. I am also a movement educator and Thai body worker.


For those interested in credentials:

1993 B.S. Pharmacy- Medical College of Virginia
2006 American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer

2012-2014  Holistic Nutrition study
2014 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Certification (PRYT)

2016 Yoga and Transformational Philosophies (PRYT)
2016 Phoenix Rising Group Facilitator
2017 Anatomy Trains for Movement Therapists w/Holly Clemens
2017 Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Life Mentor
2017 Basics of Ayurveda w/Abby Geyer (PRYT)
2017/18 Yoga, Fascia & the New Anatomy of the Body, Anatomy Trains w/Tom Myers
2018 Functional Aging Specialist Certification
2018 The Subtle Body w/Grace Jull (PRYT)
2016 PRYT Mentoring

2018 Health Coach Certification, NSHCOA
2018/19 Thai Yoga Bodywork Certification
2018 PRYT Mentoring
2019 Thai Yoga Bodywork Next Level Training -Thailand