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Learn something new or advance your knowledge, understanding, or personal practice.


Explore new spaces as Yvette supports other local holistic and social awareness events:

Discerning Truth in a Post-Truth World

October 5/6, 2019

Harvest Your True Nature: A Yoga Retreat

October 12, 2019

Transformational Group Programs

Our Transformational Group Programs are useful to any group with common ground such as aging, chronic illness, grief, anxiety/depression, life change.

Yvette specializes in the Baby-Boomer+ generations and Holistic Health approaches.

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Special Requests/Co-Op

Many of our services are adaptable to a wide range of needs. 

How can We serve YOU or a GROUP that you represent?  Send your request and let's see where it takes us!


Need a space to hold an event? 

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