Special Programs & Events

Bi-Monthly Mindfulness Club

InSpire clubs are an outreach mission of InStill Mindfulness SWVA based in Floyd, VA.

Be Mindful ...

Special Classes/Workshops

Learn something new or advance your knowledge, understanding, or personal practice.


Explore new spaces as Yvette supports other local holistic and social awareness events.

Transformational Group Programs

Our Transformational Group Programs are useful to any group with common ground such as aging, chronic illness, grief, anxiety/depression, life change.

Transform ...

Retreats & Connect

Retreat into the Magic Tree Sanctuary of the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Connect with Nature, your Essence, and new Friends. 

Get Away ...


Need a space to hold an event? 

Send a message with your needs.

Co-Op or Request

Special Requests

Many of our services are adaptable to a wide range of needs. How can We serve YOU or a GROUP that you represent?

 Send your request and let's see where it takes us!

Special Request ...