Transformational Group Programs

Embracing Age as a SuperPower!

An 8-week series for women of the decades who are seeking purpose, passion, connection, and community and for women interested in exploring age as a superpower for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

This group is for you if:

  • You have raised a family, retired from a career, relocated to a new community or experienced loss or change in relationship...and now you're wondering 'what's next?’
  • You sense the importance of physical health and a network of support as you progress in years and experience health and life changes.
  • You feel a desire for vitality, meaning, and purpose and are seeking others who share this yearning.

I am a mother of two adult children and have been navigating a significant career change and relocation during the last several years. Some days it feels like my life is a snow globe that has been shaken vigorously causing me to ask 'who am I NOW?'. Join me on a journey of self-discovery as we explore life’s shifting terrain by way of Movement, Mindfulness, and Community support.   ~Yvette 

Our group will meet weekly with an additional day-long retreat about halfway through the program.

These events will include movement, meditation, journaling, and sharing within the group. There will also be home activities offered to help enrich your experience.

Additionally, (4) free yoga classes at Wellness Pursuits are included during your program.



  • This was the best thing I did for myself last year! 

  • I am amazed to have grown in such an astonishing and wonderful manner in 8 short weeks. I would not have thought it possible. This is my happy experience, and a path to discern truth and my place in the world. The power of connectedness! We women bonded in a way I think none of us thought would be possible. And we want to keep these connections, love and support that we have for each other moving into our futures. We are women who may not have chosen each other as sisters - with our shared experience we see our sisterhood and connectedness. How wonderful is that?! 

  • I realized that I have more to offer to the world than I thought. I have decided to offer my services as a volunteer in areas where I will work with people. I want to help other people feel special and loved. I am already looking into several agencies like hospice & assisted living facilities. 

  • Making time to discover myself and I don't want to hide myself and conform to what others want anymore.


Email us to learn more about the program or to ask any questions.