Wellness Pursuits
Wellness Pursuits

  • Lifestyle Wellness Coaching

    ​​Your potential for optimal health resides in your individual biochemical make-up and in the choices you make in day-to-day life.  

    Nutrition ~ exercise ~ stress management ~ sleep ~ biological detoxification are a few of the factors we will explore.

    Get a comprehensive review and guidance for adjustments to shift your health in the direction you desire. 

    Potential Benefits:
    Reduced risk or reversal of chronic disease
    Enhanced vitality and well-being
    Increased energy
    Improved weight management

    First session lasts 90 minutes
    Virtual appointments are also available. Please note this when you book your session and include an email address.

    To prepare

    You will be asked for many details about day-to-day habits and history as well. Please do not censor your answers. The only way from here ... to there ... is to start where you are!