bi-Monthly mindfulness club

InSpire clubs are an outreach effort of Instill Mindfulness SWVA based in Floyd, VA.

Each meeting features a mindfulness practice led by one of the members, discussion, and some fun activities. Each club also develops their own service-based activities, based on a desire to inspire greater community-mindedness in their community.

Our club IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of scheduled meetings and events. All are welcomed. No experience is necessary. You may attend any club meeting at any location.

As a club there will be four major themes:

Mindfulness: Each meeting will feature a practice session.

Service: Each club will determine its own service-based activities, based on a desire to inspire community-mindedness in their community.

Community: Community is the central theme for the InSpire clubs. 

      Community will be recognized on three levels:

        1. The InSpire community;

       2. The external community; and

       3. The intrapersonal community, of mind, body, and spirit.

       A strong sense of community will be developed in InSpire clubs through the following mechanisms:

      • A commitment to inclusivity;

      • Mentoring, in which each new   member is mentored by an existing member;

      • Regular gatherings, with each one possibly based around a meal; and

      • A fully democratic system of power, in which decisions are consensus-based, and regular leadership    changes. Where possible, the outgoing leader will mentor the incumbent.

Fun: There will be an emphasis on making membership enjoyable. This will be achieved

through games, activities, and creating regular opportunities for interconnection.