Wellness Pursuits
Wellness Pursuits

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    Thai Yoga Bodywork

    Thai Yoga or Nuad Boran is an ancient healing practice of bodywork that blends assisted stretching, compression, and movement with an intention of supporting vital energy flow throughout the body. 

    Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy & Life Mentoring

    PRYT is about getting to the "heart of the matter". Tune into the infinite intelligence being emitted from your body and allow it to guide you towards the life change or personal transformation that you desire. 

    Lifestyle Wellness Coaching

    You make a lot of choices in your day to day living. Did you know the majority of them influence your sense and expression of health and wellness? Together we'll explore the many opportunities you have to make a shift towards improved vitality and vibrant longevity.

    Wellness Packages

    Purchase a combination of our most popular services or create one of your own.

    Aromatherapy Treatment

    A combination of essential oils is manually applied to your back and feet. 

    Relax, Recover, Rebuild.

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