Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai yoga therapy sessions are conducted on a mat like the one seen in the photo (but can be transferred to a massage table if needed). The client remains fully clothed while manual techniques are applied to stretch, open, and relax tension in your body. Essential oils may be offered to support a particular physical concern or your general intention for the session.

This work has been called "lazy person's yoga" as one gets all the benefits of a yoga class without applying any effort. Afterwards clients tend to feel as if they have been given a new body; one that is more limber, open, vibrant, and relaxed. Post-session clients have reported such benefits of sleeping better, less body tension, or more 'fluidity' within. 

While Yvette continues to refine technique and advance in training sessions are currently offered by donation.

Consider these suggested ranges: 

60-minute: $40 - $60 

​90-minute: $65 - $90