Thai Bodywork

Thai bodywork is a living, spiritual tradition and  operates with an intention of maintaining a healthy flow of energy within and around the physical body. Life force energy is known as prana in yoga, chi and qi in other Asian practices like Tai Chi and Qigong.

To affect energy, Thai bodywork operates via sen lines, similar to the meridians of acupuncture. Thai bodywork includes acupressure, stretching, and movement. Additionally, rocking, tapotement, shaking, and stillness may also be employed to best serve the client. Essential oils are offered to support a particular physical concern or general intention for the session.

Treatments are done on a floor mat and the client remains clothed.

"It is my intention to honor the spiritual aspect of this practice, the techniques taught by my teachers, and my own experience and intuition.

I will invite your intention for each session as well as hold an intention for loving-kindness (metta) and the release of illness. Sessions may include rocking, held pressure, breath coordination, rhythm, silence, tapping, and intuition. At times I will utilize my hands, feet, elbows, knees, or whole body to support the intention of the work .

I intend to minimize communication during the session to allow for my full attention to your body and breath as well as to my own and also for the ability to fully feel what is happening in the moment.  ~YL"

 Afterwards clients often feel more limber, open, vibrant, and relaxed and have reported such benefits of improved sleep, reduced physical tension, reversal or improvement of certain medical conditions, and more 'fluidity' within. 

Pricing for Thai Bodywork

60-minute session: $60 or by donation

90-minutes sessions: $80

Open session: a session with a start time but no ending time. $25 per half-hour.


Save time! Print the intake and cancelation policy forms, complete, sign, and deliver upon arrival to your first appointment.