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Engage in activity that meets you where you are in life and takes you where you want to go!

We offer group classes in yoga and fitness as well as private sessions and private groups!

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Menu / Price List

Class Descriptions

  • Yoga Basics is a light practice great for beginners or those tending to illness, injury, or limited mobility. Offered twice each week.

  • Easy Flow is a practice of flow - linking movement and breath - with a slower pace and options for modifying the practice to suit your personal needs. Best suited for those with some basic Yoga experience but not necessary.

  • Hot Yoga Flow is a flowing, dynamic class linking breath, movement and mindfulness. Your heart will go pitter-patter, you might get warm, perhaps even sweaty! 

  • Gentle Yoga is a slower moving class suitable for any level. You decide what 'gentle' means and practice accordingly. This class is offered at Carroll Wellness Center on Fridays at 9am (see their schedule).

  • Intermediate Yoga Flow is a class based in a flow of sun-salutations with more consistent movement and some more challenging postures. Breathwork and meditation will be included with each class. We will focus on safety and modifications while finding our way into chaturanga, backbends, inversions, etc... this will provide the foundation for growth in strength and ease in these same practices in the months to come. Now is the time to begin! 

  • Movement Class - this is a general movement class that is intended to support functional, daily activities for the aging population. Gentle, low impact movements to support joint mobility, strength, and flexibility. This class is offered on Thursdays at 11am at Hillsville Presbyterian Church for a donation.

  • Private Group Fitness is a functional fitness class for those of mature age who are interested in movement that supports strength, mobility, and flexibility. Great for those who want an every-day level of fitness or those preparing for weekend warrior activities or a once in a lifetime adventure.

​​​​Still not sure? Come and sit in on a practice with us for free. 

Observe, breathe and try a movement or two.